We are proud to introduce you to the staff at Dynamic Fitness. Our qualified trainers and instructors are dedicated to helping you acheive your goals. We invite you to take advantage of the variety of knowledge available to you from the staff at Dynamic Fitness.

               SAM & DIANE MOY
Sam and Diane Moy have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. Originally from Connecticut, they’ve lived and worked in Bailey for almost 20 years.
Sam is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist, Certified Fitness Therapist and Sports Conditioning Specialist.  He has a BA from Western Connecticut State College and holds all fitness certifications through ISSA (International Sports Science Association).
Sam's history of competitive sports offers first hand knowledge in what is needed mentally and physically to achieve optimum success.  Through extensive study, research and experience, Sam combines eastern and western thinking to create "out of the box" techniques. Results ranging from athletic excellence to surgery elimination and pain free living are commonly achieved.
Diane has provided relief through massage for 26 years.  Diane will be involved in all aspects of the gym operations and maintain a limited massaged schedule. Together with Sam, they opened Bailey Massage and Fitness in 2001.
"We've had a longtime desire to create a well equipped facility where we could offer unique and innovative ways to work the body." It is our hope that you will feel comfortable and challenged in our facility; whether its your first time or your 1,00th time.

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